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Our most frequently-asked questions and answers
The panel is surrounded by rubber spacers (approximately 8 to 12 per door) that allow the panel to float between the rails and stiles. The spacers also center the panel and help reduce the movement found in a door that does not use spacers.

Typically the lead time is 5-7 days for a thermo foil order and 7-10 days. Different door styles and materials may add additional manufacturing time to your order. You will be notified with your confirmation if the production time exceeds our typical time frame.

Orders placed with less then five (5) items may be expedited through our production process in three (3) days for thermo foil orders.

You may use any of the following four ways to place an order:

  1. Place an order online using our website
  2. You may fax the order in to 760-775-1980.
  3. You may email the order in to
  4. You may call the order in to our order desk at 800-350-6403. An Acknowledgement form will be faxed/e-mailed for confirmation.
We deliver by our own trucks to most locations in Southern California. In addition we also deliver to Las Vegas, Nevada and Phoenix, Arizona. Please check with your sales person to see if we deliver to your area.
If products are missing, damaged, or incorrectly manufactured on your order, you must notify your local sales representative within 10 days of receipt of the product. Replacements will be produced and sent to you as soon as possible.
In general we offer a limited 5 year warranty on our thermofoil doors. The warranty covers replacement or repair of our doors or drawer fronts in good condition as originally delivered by our company and is limited to the net invoice price of the product as sold by us. There are no other warranties of any kind, expressed or implied. To view a more detail version of our warranty please go to our warranty page and print out a full copy of our warranties. You can also find a copy of our warranty in our product brochure.
We observe the following holidays: New Years Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day and the Friday following Thanksgiving. We also close the week between Christmas Eve and New Years Day. Please check with your local sales representative for a more accurate Christmas Holiday schedule.
For non-wholesale orders placed online, we charge delivery based on the options selected during checkout. We do not charge for delivery under normal conditions for wholesale orders. We do include a charge of fifty cents ($.50) per piece handling fee for every item you order from us. An additional charge will apply if more than one delivery attempt is required.
Will call orders can be picked up at our Indio plant during normal business hours. Same day will call orders can be picked up three hours after placing your order. Orders must be picked up within 30 days of completion. A storage fee of thirty cents ($.30) per piece/per month will be applied to all orders not picked up after 30 days.
Ordering terminology is important to ensure accuracy of your orders. All doors and drawer fronts must be ordered Width by Height (W x H), net sizes only.
Yes. Please fill out the appropriate order form, check the “QUOTE ONLY” box and follow the same procedures you would for placing an order with us. You will receive your quote back within 24 hours.
All door and drawer front prices are per square foot and are computed to the nearest hundredth of a square foot. Prices are subject to change without notice.
For wholesale orders, unless credit terms have been established with us first all orders exceeding fifteen hundred dollars ($1,500.00) require a deposit by cashier’s check of 50% of your order prior to the order being placed into production. A cashier’s check will also be required for the balance of your order before it may be delivered or picked up. For orders placed online, payment is due upon checkout.
All orders are subject to sales tax unless the order is from a state other than California or you have an original signed resale card on file with us prior to your order being invoiced.
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Refacing Guide

Refacing Guide

Cabinet Refacing Has Never Been Easier

With our simple eight step process, you’ll be well on your way refacing your cabinetry and saving a bundle at the same time.

Cabinet Refacing Projects

Refacing your cabinets is an excellent choice when giving a new and updated look to your kitchen, bathroom or any area where there are cabinets and drawers. Our Rigid Thermofoil (RTF) doors, drawers, trim and moldings come in beautiful wood grain and contemporary patterns and colors. We guarantee that we will have the right look for you!

From traditional to contemporary, our choices include dozens of options for panels. Our line of accessories including trim, moldings and hardware (knobs and handles) provide the perfect finish to your refacing project.

Our Cabinet Refacing Guide below takes you through a step-by-step approaching from start to finish. If we can be of any assistance and answer any questions about the refacing installation process, please contact us at (800) 350-6403.

Cabinet Refacing Guide

This is one of the most critical parts to ensuring that you order, and that we make, the correct doors and drawer fronts for your cabinets. There are two basic types of cabinets: Framed and Frameless.

For Framed cabinets, the standard “overlay” (size of the frame that is covered by the door or drawer front) is 1/2″. This means that the door size is 1″ wider than the opening width (1/2″ on each side), an is 1″ taller than the opening height. However, framed cabinets can have various overlays – from 1/4″ to 1-1/4″. When determining the overlay that you will use, be sure to add the measurement to both sides of the width measurement.

For example: A 20″ opening with a 1/2″ overlay will be 20″ + 1/2″ (overlay on the left) + 1/2″ (overlay on the right) = 21″ total measurement for door width. Calculate the same way for the height of the door.

Frameless cabinets can be measured by using the overlay method or by measuring the existing doors.

Visual on Different Overlays

To ensure that you’ve measured all of the doors and remember which sizes go where, it’s always a great idea to draw out your cabinets as you note your measurements. It doesn’t have to be fancy – just a visual representation of your layout works. We do recommend using a ruler for straight lines, although you do not have to draw to scale. Simply indicate the measurements and you should be just fine.

NOTE: You will order Thermofoil sheets for ends, bottoms, toe kicks and faces.


If you will be needing new drawer boxes, the diagram below shows how to get the proper measurements to ensure that the new drawer boxes will be a fit.

After measuring for the drawer boxes, you will also need to provide the Drawer Front measurements. If you have not already taken the Drawer Front measurements, refer to Steps 1a and 1b to get these measurements.

One of the last items to measure are the sides, faces and even back walls of your island or peninsulas. Our Thermofoil comes in 24′ x 96′ sheets to accommodate your cabinets. We advise you to allow for X amount of overage when making these measurements in order to ensure that you receive enough material.

Don’t forget to also measure your toe kicks. For moldings and corbels, they will also have a matching finish. See the examples below of End Panels, Moldings, Toe Kicks and Corbels.

Check for frame condition and new hinge location and look for defects and damage such as warpage, joint separation or water damage. Take a look at the shelves and make sure they are not warped. Lastly, examine the frame and make sure that it is solid.

At Lindsey Doors, we will always have a dedicated specialist ensure that your order is correct. There are four options to getting started on placing your order:

  • Option 1: Place your order for cabinet doors, drawer fronts and moldings from our website online. We have 50+ stock thermofoil colors and over 30 styles and routes available online.
  • Option 2: Fill out our Online Form and submit for a free quote.
  • Option 3: Download our Order Form (PDF) and email or fax in for a free quote.
  • Option 4: Call us directly at (800) 350-6403 to speak with a specialist.

We have an extensive catalog of hundreds of colors and patterns as well as many more route styles when contacting us directly. For your convenience, our most popular door styles and colors are available online. However, our specialists are ready to assist you at any time on your order.

When you receive your order, please be sure to carefully unpack each box that is received and refrain from using any sharp objects such as knives or blades to cut any packaging. This will ensure there is no damage when packing your order.

Once you have unpacked your order, ensure that every piece order arrived. If you are missing any parts or received a damaged item, please contact us directly.

Step 6a: Cover up

To being the install, ensure that your kitchen, bathroom or whichever room you’re installing in is best protected from debris and dust, cover your floor, walls, counter tops and appliances.

Step 6b: Ventilation

During refacing, there will be dust and vapors from glue. Please ensure that your work area has plenty of ventilation.

Step 6c: Remove existing doors and drawer fronts

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Routing Catalog

Route Catalog

We Have A Style For Everyone

With over 30 routes to choose from, we’re confident you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for. 

Square Inside Corner Routes

San Diego

STARTING AT $14.95/ft2

San Francisco

STARTING AT $14.95/ft2


STARTING AT $14.95/ft2


STARTING AT $14.95/ft2

Las Vegas

STARTING AT $14.95/ft2


STARTING AT $14.95/ft2


STARTING AT $14.95/ft2


STARTING AT $14.95/ft2

Palm Springs

STARTING AT $14.95/ft2


STARTING AT $14.95/ft2


Los Angeles

STARTING AT $14.95/ft2

Single Style ROUTES


STARTING AT $14.95/ft2

New Orleans

STARTING AT $14.95/ft2

San Antonio

STARTING AT $14.95/ft2


STARTING AT $14.95/ft2


STARTING AT $14.95/ft2

New York

STARTING AT $14.95/ft2


STARTING AT $14.95/ft2

Round Inside Corner ROUTES


STARTING AT $14.95/ft2


STARTING AT $14.95/ft2


STARTING AT $14.95/ft2

Laguna Beach

STARTING AT $14.95/ft2


STARTING AT $14.95/ft2

El Paso

STARTING AT $14.95/ft2