Care & Cleaning

Learn what products to use and what not to use.

Easy Clean-up

• Formula 409® (The Clorox Co.)
• Fantastik® (S.C. Johnson)
• Simple Green® (Sunshine Makers)
• Windex® (S.C. Johnson)
• Bleach and water – 90% water 10% bleach ratio

Persistent stains can be removed using a cleaner such as Clorox® Clean-Up®. In lab settings, stains exposed to Clorox® Clean-Up® for 5 minutes were successfully wiped clean with a paper towel. Avoid abrasive cleaning agents.

Cleaning agents \ detergents should not contain:

• No abrasive detergents (e.g., Baking soda etc.)
• No furniture polishes
• No denatured alcohols (e.g., White spirit, etc.)
• No cleaner in combination with a brush or scrubbing
• Use of brushes and scouring pads is not suggested

Aromatic hydrocarbons, ester, ketones, halogenated hydrocarbons, or alcohol above 25%. Vinegar-based detergents should not be used.

• Ketones (methyl ethyl ketone (MEK), acetone)
• Chlorinated Hydrocarbons (methylene chloride)
• Aromatic Hydrocarbons (toluene, xylene)
• Lacquer thinners
• No solvents (e.g., Paint thinners, turpentine, etc.)