Thermofoil Small Run

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We have been making Thermofoil doors since 1997, and we have seen so many changes. When we started we had just a hand full of colors and that is all the market knew. Now we stock around 60 colors not accounting for all of the special ones we bring in as orders flow in.

The manufacturers have gotten much easier to deal with when is comes to ordering small rolls. About 5 years ago we were getting a lot of resistance on the small rolls, but now all manufacturer offer this option. They typically have an added fee for smaller quantities.

Going back about 10 years, we wanted a Maple color our competitor had and they were not willing to sell us unless we bought $25,000 worth of foil. Today the same company will sell you just about any quantity. It is very exciting to see the Thermofoil looking just about like real wood without the cost.