Thermofoil Doors with Matching Back

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On our Thermofoil doors we offer an option of a “matching back”. There are two ways of accommodating this particular request.

The least expensive way to accomplish this, is to have the MDF with a melamine or painted back. This option is not a perfect match, but in most cases it’s acceptable.

The second way of getting a matching back is to use the Thermofoil material on both side, in this case it’s a perfect match. The draw back to this option has to do with cost, typically our list price on this additional process is about 30 percent more.

It’s really important for the cabinet-maker selling the job to the end-user, to make sure this is explained. It’s very hard to know what a customer is expecting, so I always recommend to at least present this option so the client can decide how important it is for them.

More often than not, when there is an issue between a cabinet-maker and an end-user client, it has to do with client’s expectations and how well the details were explained. In the cabinet industry there are so many options and choices, covering open issues up front is crucial to success.