Special Thermofoil

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Foil manufacturers keep on coming out with new products which are really capturing a niche market. Some of those foils are almost exact replicas of exotic wood species. Not only are the colors right on, but the textures are also getting to be like real wood.

On the retail end of this, we are seeing more and more designers accepting the product as a good solution for their projects. In the past, most designers would have just passed on the product. On many of those foils, no longer can they say that it is looking like plastic.

A huge advantage using foil over real wood has to do with the cost. Often the foil will run just a fraction of what a natural material would run. The other advantage has to do with the saving of not having to finish the wood. Real wood products have a tremendous amount of variations, foil is a very consistent product in texture and color.

On your next project make sure you take a look at some of those new foils!