Pressroom Tools by Smartech

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It is always interesting when people invent or improve existing tools. This morning I received an email from one of our vendors called Smartech, they developed a few new press room tools.

One of them is a turn table on which you place the parts to be glued. A turning table is nothing new, but their improvement resides at the point of rotation. The rotating point is at the base, so you can use your foot to rotate the table instead of your hands.

The also had a mixing stand which is equipped with a pouring cup to facilitate mixing at the proper rate.

The glue we use for the 3D laminating is a two-part adhesive. The mixing of the two components take about 10 to 15 minutes and has to be performed very carefully. The glue is water base, and has the viscosity of what could be compared to cream. The catalyst is solvent base, and has a viscosity like molasses. With that said, mixing the two components requires time and patience so they can be blended properly. The stand they built appears to be a tool of choice.

I believe we will be getting those tools.