Production in the Lindsey Doors Facility

Shaker Doors

We are in the middle of running this very large Shaker door batch. Not only are we manufacturing the doors, but we are also providing the finish.

This particular project is ongoing and we roughly get batches of 700 up to 1000 doors at one time. We really like those types of projects as we can get good at it. In the last few years larger projects like this have been on the rare side.

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Lindsey Doors Production

UV Finishing

At Lindsey Doors we are not limited to door manufacturing, we also have the capability of finishing them.

We have a fully automatic Cefla finishing line with built-in sanders, this line allows us to finish large quantities of doors with very good quality.

We are not new at finishing, we have been doing this type of work for over 10 years, our automatic line as been installed over 5 years.

On your next door project consider having us provide you with a finished product.


Textured Thermofoils - Lindsey Doors

Textured Foils

Textured foil are sure gaining traction on the Thermofoil market lately. As those textured foils are getting more and more realistic looking and feeling, potential clients are seeing  a huge benefit to use this product versus very expensive natural veneers.

To my surprise, just like week I had a large client requesting a pricing structure for using this product. My feeling is that we have only scratch the surface on Thermofoil usage.Thermofoil used to look and feel like plastic, but with all of the improvements those type of statements are no longer valid.

Latest News from Lindsey Doors

Cabinet Doors

In the last couple of months it appears as if we are getting a more steady flow of door orders. Along with more orders we are getting some larger projects, meaning several kitchen worth of doors at one time.

In the last two weeks we hired five new people, that in itself certainly says something. I am not sure if we are riding some small wave, or if it is a sign of recovery that is going to sustain.

Only the future will tell, and we are going to try our best to keep our loyal clients happy.


Latest News from Lindsey Doors

White Painted Shaker Doors

A few weeks ago we quoted on a very large project consisting of White Painted Shaker Doors.

About two weeks ago we ran about 100 doors, and there were installed and it went well. At the end of last week we received the first large order which consists of around 1000 doors.

The doors are in process of assembling and they are going to reach our finishing department on Tuesday. We are going to finish them on our automated painting line from Cefla. The base coat is a simple white primer which we are going to top coat with UV Clear Coat. Technically it should go well as we want to meet the client’s delivery requirements.

Latest News from Lindsey Doors

Price Increase

Price increases are a constant battle in our industry just like many others. It seems that many of our vendors have been increasing their prices lately and it becomes more and more frustrating.

Just last week one of our prefered foil vendor gave us a 17 % price increase. Yes, you read it correctly 17 %. How are we supposed to pass this on to our customers when they are already complaining about prices. They are blaming this on the price of oil.

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Wood Doors

In the last few weeks the flow on wood doors have been very good and consistent. It has been a long time since we have had this steady of a flow. I am not superstitious, but as I hope as I am saying this that we are not going to slow down.

The orders have been a mix between solid raised door panel and recessed panels. Also some high-end mitter doors on which we do a great job. As a matter of facts, we are one of the few companies that has a completely hidden joint.The Thermofoil has been doing good as well, high gloss doors seem to be very popular lately.

Thank you for your business, we are very appreciative.

Latest News from Lindsey Doors

Thermofoil Short Run

We have been pressing Thermofoil doors since 1997, and we have seen so many changes. When we started we had just a hand full of colors and that is all the market knew. Now we stock around 50 colors not accounting for all of the special ones we bring in on a per order basis.

The manufacturers have gotten much easier to deal with when is comes to ordering small rolls. About 5 years ago we were getting a lot of resistance on the small rolls, but now all manufacturer offer this option. They also have an added fee for smaller quantities.

Going back years, to bring in a special color we had to order roughly 8 to 10 rolls at a cost of about $25,000. Special runs are still expensive but all of those minimums have dropped to a manageable level.

Example of High Gloss White Thermofoil

High Gloss Thermofoil

Lately we have been getting many orders in High Gloss Thermofoil, much more than normal. Typically, we always keep this material in stock so we don’t run out. We have had to place orders much closer together.

We keep a few colors on hands in the High Gloss like Black, White, Antique White , Birdseye Maple and a Walnut. The most popular color is White followed by Black.

We can also bring in specials colors on a per order basis.