Doors for Apartments

Doors for Apartments - Lindsey Doors

In the last few months most of our larger orders come from clients involved in the remodeling or new construction of apartments. Some of those projects have from 100 apartments up to 2000. typically they release batches of 5 to 30 units at one time, all depends on how aggressive they are to complete the project.

Because of a large amount of foreclosed homes, apartments project seem to be the rise. The doors they order from us is all over the map as far as style, it can be a non-routed white Thermofoil door all the way to a fully finished solid wood door.

We don’t have much to do with the selection and style of the doors, we produce what the client demands. Interestingly enough it’s not only price driven, lately we have seen quite a few projects spending more money on cabinets doors than in the past.

We hope it keeps on coming.