Beachwood New Color - Lindsey Doors

New Color: Beachwood Thermofoil

An other incredibly real looking foil hitting the market, this one is called “Beachwood”.The manufacturer outdid itself with this new print. It’s got a very deep wood grain imitating oak that has been sand blasted.

The color has this weathered look with all kinds of tones going from white, brown and greys. The doors we pressed, look like they have been sitting on the beach for a couple of years, this is how real this material looks.

Bellow is a picture of what it looks like, unfortunately as in most cases, the picture doesn’t do justice to how it really looks and feels in person. If you run your hand on this material, you can actually feel the dept of the grain.

Hemlocks Grey New Color - Lindsey Doors

New Color: Hemlocks Grey

Lately it seems the foil manufacturers are coming out with new prints almost every month. We just got a new foil called “Hemlocks Grey” and it basically is a mimics of rustic greyish weathered oak. Between the texture and the color, it gives a very real feeling of a natural wood product with an elaborate finish.

These types of prints are making  the sale of Thermofoil doors so much easier. Especially when considering the cost structure substantially lower than wood. This is without accounting for all of the problems inherent of finishing a natural wood product.

See the sample image of the color above but the picture is not doing the product justice. We are very excited to see what they are going to come up with this year.

Thermofoil Painted Door with High Gloss - Lindsey Doors

Thermofoil Painted Doors

In the last few months, high gloss Thermofoil has been more popular than in the past. Foil manufacturers have done a nice job at bringing new colors and patterns.

In our efforts to promote that demand, we are attempting in painting standard non-gloss Thermofoil doors with a high gloss coating. We started doing some testing, and so far it looks good.

The biggest problem with high gloss has to do with scratches. Not so much for us, but more in the field or once the product has been shipped to the client. Between the handling and the other processes that has to be accomplished to install the doors, a lot can go wrong Often we get blamed for damages taking place in the field.

We are hoping to start this program with a hand full of clients and see how it goes. Above is an example of a Thermofoil door that was glazed and top coated with high gloss clear coat.