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High Gloss Thermofoil Doors

High Gloss Thermofoil is on the rise.

It seems like it goes in waves, for the last few months the high gloss materials have been very popular.

Typically the deterrent that affects the sale of this material is related to prices, most high gloss foils are expensive.

But lately the hand users don’t seem to care, they want high gloss and they are willing to pay. In comparison to non-glossy foils, the price is roughly 40 percent more.

We keep in stock a few colors like White, Antique White, Zembrano and Birdseye.

Also readily available, from our suppliers are custom colors which we can order in smaller quantities. When placing an order for a non-stock colors, please allow extra time to get the material to our facility.

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Thermofoil Small Run

We have been making Thermofoil doors since 1997, and we have seen so many changes. When we started we had just a hand full of colors and that is all the market knew. Now we stock around 60 colors not accounting for all of the special ones we bring in as orders flow in.

The manufacturers have gotten much easier to deal with when is comes to ordering small rolls. About 5 years ago we were getting a lot of resistance on the small rolls, but now all manufacturer offer this option. They typically have an added fee for smaller quantities.

Going back about 10 years, we wanted a Maple color our competitor had and they were not willing to sell us unless we bought $25,000 worth of foil. Today the same company will sell you just about any quantity. It is very exciting to see the Thermofoil looking just about like real wood without the cost.

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Thermofoil Doors with Matching Back

On our Thermofoil doors we offer an option of a “matching back”. There are two ways of accommodating this particular request.

The least expensive way to accomplish this, is to have the MDF with a melamine or painted back. This option is not a perfect match, but in most cases it’s acceptable.

The second way of getting a matching back is to use the Thermofoil material on both side, in this case it’s a perfect match. The draw back to this option has to do with cost, typically our list price on this additional process is about 30 percent more.

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Doors for Apartments - Lindsey Doors

Doors for Apartments

In the last few months most of our larger orders come from clients involved in the remodeling or new construction of apartments. Some of those projects have from 100 apartments up to 2000. typically they release batches of 5 to 30 units at one time, all depends on how aggressive they are to complete the project.

Because of a large amount of foreclosed homes, apartments project seem to be the rise. The doors they order from us is all over the map as far as style, it can be a non-routed white Thermofoil door all the way to a fully finished solid wood door.

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Pressroom Tools by Smartech

It is always interesting when people invent or improve existing tools. This morning I received an email from one of our vendors called Smartech, they developed a few new press room tools.

One of them is a turn table on which you place the parts to be glued. A turning table is nothing new, but their improvement resides at the point of rotation. The rotating point is at the base, so you can use your foot to rotate the table instead of your hands.

The also had a mixing stand which is equipped with a pouring cup to facilitate mixing at the proper rate.

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Thank You from Lindsey Doors

Doors in Las Vegas

It’s always good when business picks up a little bit. Well, our Las Vegas based clients seem to be holding pretty well with orders. The flow has been pretty steady, enough to justify a truck going there every week.

In the last couple of years, some weeks we didn’t have enough business to justify sending our own truck. Typically we prefer using our own truck which allows us to keep better control on delivery. Our clients are also much happier to see our driver delivering their products. In most instances, the driver is the last person to see the client, and it creates a good bond between the customer and the vendor.

To all our Las Vegas customers, thank you for your business.

Get Inspired Today - Our Blog - Lindsey Doors

Special Thermofoil

Foil manufacturers keep on coming out with new products which are really capturing a niche market. Some of those foils are almost exact replicas of exotic wood species. Not only are the colors right on, but the textures are also getting to be like real wood.

On the retail end of this, we are seeing more and more designers accepting the product as a good solution for their projects. In the past, most designers would have just passed on the product. On many of those foils, no longer can they say that it is looking like plastic.

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Production in the Lindsey Doors Facility

Shaker Doors

We are in the middle of running this very large Shaker door batch. Not only are we manufacturing the doors, but we are also providing the finish.

This particular project is ongoing and we roughly get batches of 700 up to 1000 doors at one time. We really like those types of projects as we can get good at it. In the last few years larger projects like this have been on the rare side.

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Lindsey Doors Production

UV Finishing

At Lindsey Doors we are not limited to door manufacturing, we also have the capability of finishing them.

We have a fully automatic Cefla finishing line with built-in sanders, this line allows us to finish large quantities of doors with very good quality.

We are not new at finishing, we have been doing this type of work for over 10 years, our automatic line as been installed over 5 years.

On your next door project consider having us provide you with a finished product.


Textured Thermofoils - Lindsey Doors

Textured Foils

Textured foil are sure gaining traction on the Thermofoil market lately. As those textured foils are getting more and more realistic looking and feeling, potential clients are seeing  a huge benefit to use this product versus very expensive natural veneers.

To my surprise, just like week I had a large client requesting a pricing structure for using this product. My feeling is that we have only scratch the surface on Thermofoil usage.Thermofoil used to look and feel like plastic, but with all of the improvements those type of statements are no longer valid.