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Mixing Glue for Thermofoil

The glue we use for laminating foil to MDF substrate is a two-part adhesive. The mixing of the two components is very crucial for proper performance. The glue itself is water base and the catalyst is solvent base. Because the bases are different the mixing of the two components is a bit difficult and must be achieved very slowly.

It takes about 15 minutes for mixing a 5 gallon bucket of the two components. The glue must be agitated mechanically  and constantly while adding the catalyst at a very slow flow . We use a squirrel cage type head for mixing the material.

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Foil Consistency

Once we select a foil from a vendor, we try to stay with it providing the price remains the same.

One of the challenge has to do with consistency in color. At a first glance when you get a new roll, it appears to be an exact match to the previous one, but it is not. You have to look very closely but you will find very slight differences. Most customers would not notice, but there is a difference.

Just like carpet there are never two runs exactly the same. It may be very close, but if you place parts next to each other and look at it long enough, you will discover very slight differences. It is important to remember that color adjustments are accomplished by the human eye and not a computer.

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Slot Machines Parts

More and more we are getting orders for the gambling industry. For decades this particular industry has mostly being using standard plastic laminate and wood veneer in the construction of the various machines and tables they build. They are finally coming around and discovering the benefits of using Thermofoil parts.

Thermofoil parts are priced very competitively, as far as manufacturing process, they offer much more flexibility than the old fashion ways. Some of the benefits include the ability of getting radius corners, and also allowing to build free form shapes without many constraints. Also once those parts are pressed, they don’t need to be painted or finished, the consistency in color is also a great plus.

In your next project please check with us, we would love to take a look at what you are building, maybe we can help.


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Foil on Phenolic

Well we are still trying to laminate foil on the phenolic. We are not having a problem with the pressing process as it seems to react pretty well. The problem we are having is the rough substrate showing through the foil.

We tried sanding the phenolic, but because of the resin base, it loads the sanding paper very quickly doing a poor job.

We are now looking into a different substrate that would be smoother. We are even thinking of some sort of high density cardboard. Our heat activated glue should have no problem adhering to cardboard just like it does on MDF, which a fiber product as well. As I mentioned on my last post on the subject, we are only trying to bring this in-house to accommodate our clients quicker.

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Global Shop Trade Show 2011

Yesterday I went to Global Shop trade show in Las Vegas.

It was quite interesting how many display manufacturers were there showing Thermofoil counter tops on their displays. They were use mostly as shelving or as counter tops for tables.

I have made 3 new contacts which are interested in getting sample along with quotes.

Surprisingly enough, some potential customers were just getting started with the product. The questions I was asked were surprising in the sense that this product clearly was new to them.

For many years we have not understood why this product was mostly used for cabinet doors.

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Thermofoil Counter Tops

We have been in the process of developing and manufacturing counters tops with Thermofoil. The application is mostly targeting the RV industry at this time, but in the future we are looking at school desk and work surfaces for the retail industry.

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Price Increase

With all of our cost going up we are being forced to increase our prices on the Thermofoil product.

We have not increased our prices in well over 5 years, as a matter of facts we have being decreasing them as a result of pressure from a poor economy.

We try our best to keep our cost as low as possible, but comes a time when a company is no longer capable of absorbing all of the increases.

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